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Milk frother is ideal for cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat whites as well as preparing instant quick drinks such as hot chocolate. It can also prepare instant drinks such asthick, smooth, authentic hot chocolate or make cold foam, great for milkshakes. Equipped with the very latest portable multifunction technology and a total of 3pre-setprograms and a manualfunction beater, for easy, safe preparation of hotandcolddrinkswithorwithoutfoam, thanks to the various whisksprovided

It might convince you to have a cappuccino at home instead out of at a coffee shop. It’s a tiny indulgence that’s totally worth it and all you need is a milk frother. USB is also included too. There are a few different options out there, ranging from inexpensive battery-powered tools to pricey small appliances. This inexpensive little guy also like its nonstick interior which makes clean up easy. They like that you can use it to make hot or cold foam and choose between two levels of foam density for either lattes or cappuccinos. They say it’s incredibly easy to use and also point out that the pitcher is dishwasher safe. it’s powerful, effective, and surprisingly durable. Many Kitchen editors and writers have the Areolate and swear by it. It makes quick work of whizzing milk into creamy perfection, cleans up easily just whirl the head in warm, soapy water, is surprisingly durable mixer, and can even be packed and buy for your next vacation.

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